Spa Classic 2024 in review

I have just arrived back to the UK via the overnight ferry. I have had a broken 2hrs sleep due to car alarms and a slightly rough sea. Apologies for the grammar , spelling and general incoherence. The latter I know is hard to believe from me …

Outbound :

Clear sunny skies above Bond Towers as we left

A short while later on the very same route as I take to SeriouslyLotus we crossed the Humber bridge

Only a minor number plate scrape and we were onboard. The exige looks like a shrunk in the wash car next to other vehicles.

There were a few other people heading over to a petrol related event such as Nurburgring or the Spa classic. I do quite like the clown shoes though

The sea was calm and relaxed into our 12h crossing

We arrived in the hotel which was a mere 600m from the circuit with nothing exciting to report. Its a really straightforward, boring and uneventful drive to Spa.

We went to the circuit and it started raining. And I mean really raining …

< more to follow >


Everywhere you look at this event there is something going on or something to look at.

Overlooking Eau rouge

Some old Nissans

Fancy beetles

Outside our hotel. Quite a nice AM

Random picture of my plastic fantastic parked near Eau Rouge ( not pictured )

Exige Sprint

Scenic walk though the woods

Mazda 323F(s!)

Looking up Eau Rouge

Lancia Stratos around the paddock

Immaculate Esprit

That Sprint again

Alfa had a “stand”

So did Ferrari

I absolutely love the A110. Less so my mate for the photobomb.

'Grale. In the wet. Brave. Very, very brace.

Tricolour and AM outside the hotel

My next car? Perhaps.

Or this instead? Who knows?


Spa is an absolutely stunning track. Its surrounded by trees and its far from a flat circuit. Most areas are fully accessible and you arent a million miles away from any action.

I cannot stress how steep parts of the circuit are. Eau Rouge is just short of a hill climb event in its own right.

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Thanks for sharing! If you never drive Spa with LOT, you have to. Amazing track for once in a while.


It’s on my list! I have more pictures coming. I just can’t keep my eyes open!

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Thanks for sharing Andy, looks a good trip.

Exige was faultless I presume?

Yep, I’ll update tomorrow :slight_smile:

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Access to the paddock is unprecidented. I quite literally could get run over by a Mercedes C11, or my toes squashed by a BMW 2002Ti. Neither would be a bad thing I am sure you agree.

A massive picture dump now …

BMW in the “old” paddock pits

Mk1 Escort

I have a “thing” for these BMWs

Although one of these is on my lottery win list as well.

Yes. Just yes. So, so loud as well.

Dream car right here. Just look at it!

Big enought EWG controller sir?


See that Marcos? Its a bit loud.

C6 Corvette sounds like death

Inboard suspension

Look at the packaging of this!


Maserati MC12.

Porsche 962 on intermediates

One of two bentleys. This car was a prod race car the other a development car from what I understand. A very pretty car

Spa / Rain / Standard

Eau rouge in the rain. Note the height variance

C11! C11!

In the paddock area watching things line up before going out

Anyone can wander around in most areas

BMW M1. If you cannot hear this picture do you even like cars?

There is a pattern here, right?

When this Porsche starts spooling its turbo you best hold onto something immovable. You can actually hear it sucking in 1/2 the atmosphere over everything else

Prettiest race car ever?

I do like these things as well. Not as turbo-ey as the black car above but a piece of art never the less

BMW M1. There were 3 here!

This is over the F1 pits on the new start/finish

Like the caption above. A great place to view. Imagine the cost of this area for F1!

Porsche 917 demo. Note the longer tail

60s racecars! The wheel slip angles on these were incredible

In the old paddock area , about to get run over by several cars. Prior to that you would be deafened.

Fantastic BMW

Back to the group C. Watched this have its oil pre warmed ( note the box on the engine? ) then started. Got a bit dizzy from all the fumes. Loved it

Off my chops on 102 octane fuel

I took this through a dividing fence , hence the blur

Sadly at some point you have to come home.

I was mostly sunburnt on my head despite Fri/Sat being more akin to a white water rafting competiton!

My friend and I had a 4 berth room on the way out. On return it was a 2 bed room. I could shower, sleep and get out of the door at the same time if I tried. Its compact. Very compact.

Rotterdam Europoooooooooooooooooort ( Dutch spelling ! ) in its finest glory


400mi later we are home

Spa Classic is an event you should not miss. I will not go every year but its a truly exceptional event. Id rate it higher than Le Mans TBH!


Loved every pic. Your taste seems to match mine! Shame about the rain but what a trip.

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Great stuff, really enjoyed Spa24h when we went before the trackday, echo your comments on the access compared to F1. It’s an incredible place and rate it faaaaar higher than nurburgring

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Grammar apologies beforehand and all that…don’t mean noffink…that was written as if you were chatting in the pub and that’s a good thing. Quality reportings. :+1:

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Love it, great pics and writing.

You’ve inspired me to put it ‘on the list’.

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A few videos :

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If you look closely you can see my car parked near the paddock .

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Every pic is great, I am jealous.
I could listen to those cars starting up all day.

I presume the car was faultless and you can now sort the fuse issue?

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John, the event is something else.

What it boils down to is you are paying a very small amount to watch someone elses very exclusive trackday.

And I would gladly pay twice the price !

Car never gave me an ounce of trouble - the most I had was getting on and off the ferry!

The fuse issue isnt sorted but TBH I kinda forgot about it ! I am going to do a better fix on the IACV wiring rather than a spade connector - deutsch connectors / crimps / new wiring is purchased and then psyching myself up for the front clam off.

Thing is , I dont know if I can deal with the crushing failure if it doesnt solve the problem!