Spa 24hr plus LOT the next day…

Evening folks. A bucket list item for me was ticked a few days ago when I booked the Lotus on Track day for July 3rd (day after the spa 24hr race).

Get involved! Me and a mate with a s2 Elise will be going down via the tunnel on Friday, and back Tuesday.

I shall also be there.

Hull Ferry Friday and Chunnel Tuesday for me

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Looks like a great trip to be. Snag for me is that wife Bond birthday is on Jul 04!

There’s a reason it has Spa before Francorchamps. Might have sold that successfully in the past to a previous other half! She loved it!!
If you do go, check out Domino’s restaurant, if still open, is mega!!
Don’t believe the taxi situation. After about 10 pm its a loooonnnng way home!

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I did announce it to Jen as

“Darling I’ve booked you a massage at the hotel the morning after our Christmas Do. Speaking of Spas, off Belgium will need Volvo. Ta”

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Do you still need the spare room at my house matey?

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Im looking at booking this

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Make it happen mate. Love to see your new car round Spa! Tunnel booked 12:20 Friday out and 2pm back Tuesday

Nope, cannot see why anyone would want to do spa.