I seem to recall someone pointing out that there are quite a few owners in the Reading/Oxford area and suggesting a get-together.Unless you all kept it very quiet so that I wasn’t invited, I don’t think this has yet happened.So any suggestions for a time and/or place to meet up and say hello?Ian. [image][/image]

I’m up for that!Hey, isn’t Keenan in Southampton? [image][/image]

Err…Don’t want to keep going on about it, but theres a few of us staying in Reading on Saturday 17th night and then meeting up with more Lotus in Oxford on Sun 18th for a run up to Lotus Parts Fair at Stoneleigh. If you fancy meeting up, let us know !!SOOTY

quote:Originally posted by Sooty Brown:…meeting up with more Lotus in Oxford on Sun 18th for a run up to Lotus Parts Fair at StoneleighYeah, I fancy that. Some more details of where you’re meeting on the Sunday and what time, please.Ian [image][/image]

quote:Originally posted by IDG:Hey, isn’t Keenan in Southampton?Yes, but he’s a Bimmer driver these days! [image][/image]

MEET ON SUN 18th NOV.8:15 Depart Travelodge on Basingstoke Road, Reading.9am meet for 9.30: Little Chef on the A34 north of Oxford. From there we could go…:B430 middleton stoney (twisties)left ontoB4030 hopcrofts holt (tigher twisties!) r ontoA4260 to banbury (fast A road, on 1 sp camera to watch for…)B4100* via Gaydon (v fast open sweepers, long straights with good vis)under M40 at J13 to join at J14 n for 1 junc only, then either cruise thru warwick and leamington town centre posing, or alternatively fast drive up A46 dual carriageway to stoneleigh.Details of the little Chef Location are:FAMILY FARM SERVICE STATIONNORTH ROAD (A34 NORTH)WESTON ON THE GREENBICESTEROX6 8QQ

Hi There,Does anyone fancy giving me a call (07974 415496) when you leave Banbury on Sunday so that I can join in at Gaydon? (I live a few miles west of Gaydon and the B4100 is a great road for the Exige)I also know several routes from Gaydon to the NAC at Stoneleigh if you would like my input.Hope to see you all on Sunday!RegardsMike

quote:Originally posted by IPJ:

Originally posted by IDG:> Hey, isn’t Keenan in Southampton?Yes, but he’s a Bimmer driver these days! [image]>> [/image]

yeh! we could all play make the bemer look silly! [image][/image] im up for a bit of light entertainment! I have been plesently supprised with the BM and as I ordered one from the picture i never got to drive it. I has something called dual vanos wich as i understand it is an infinatly variable cam timing mechanism developed for the F1 V10’s. The result is it goes like a 3Litre type R. and anyone who knows anything about those will tell you what the sensation is like at around 6000rpmI will get it on the track come spring and see how it handles.Trevor is geting me the name of a company that can chip the beast from 232 bhp so watch out! You dont know where it will end up.And to pre empt the wise cracks lets hope its not on its roof! [image][/image]Kee [image][/image]

quote:Originally posted by Sooty Brown:MEET ON SUN 18th NOV.I’m afraid I won’t be able to make the meet on Sunday. [image][/image] Family commitments have to come first.But I’d still like to meet up sometime.Ian

Hi all,Rob, thanks for the call this morning. I enjoyed the short drive to Stoneleigh but I wasn’t too impressed with the show and even less so with the parking arrangements - oh well.I hope you’ve all enjoyed the last few days on the road - it was an impressive sight from inside the Exige and probably stunned a few people who saw it.RegardsMike

hi mike! yes it was good to meet up - you probably had a good view as you blasted past a line of esprits as you left us on the A46… ;-)i’ve had several requests for the esprit boys to do the full run again, but when the roads are dry - will post up details when we decide to do it! maybe get some of the other exige kids along too :-)Agree about stoneleigh. We didn’t stay long… ended up leading a convoy of 17 across to the pub in hunningham. cool!CheersRob98 Esprit V8-GT (New Aluminium)

I didn’t go above 90, honest! [image][/image]In any case I had to go on to the next junction to pick the boy up from Uni!Mike