South West Lotus

Does anybody know anything about South West Lotus in Devon, this car has been advertised for months just wondering if people were avoiding it for a reason. Was going to have a look at it myself next week but not really sure what to look for on it other than the usual.

Got a link or other details?


Pretty good value for a dealer car. It’s not a 190 but I’d think there’s another reason for the low price, not necessarily a really bad one, I’d just want to know what it was.


When I was looking for my exige - South West Lotus had a good stock of ex-lotus owned cars - maybe that is what this car is.

Magnolia leather is an acquired taste I imagine… (in a race car)

I though that this was the car that someoen had looked at already (they posted about it on here) and it doesn’t run because it doesn’t have an ECU.

Just spoke the said dealer on the phone, car is ex lotus owned never registered, no service history, but comes with 6 months warranty (just had new steering rack/alternator) would the collective steer clear or not?.

Those replacements could means it’s been driven hard (but then they all should be! ) but Lotus should have looked after it.

�20k with 6 months warranty is probably pretty good, although is that a dealer warranty or insurance (worth less/worthless). But it doesn’t have race seats or a 190, so it depends what you want it for.