Sorted the car!!

I finally got round to having a look at the car yesterday. Got it up on stands, whipped the back clam and the floor off and found that one of the oil lines that runs from the oil filter housing to my oil cooler had caught on the bottom pulley and now has a big split in it. I have now made up some new pipes, that kind of go round the houses a bit, but they are now miles away from everything that could inflict any kind of damage to them.

Roll on Snetterton!!!


Excellent! Good news mate. We have also found our electronic problem and the VVR machine will be there!!!

Great news Sean! Glad it was nothing massively serious - or at least anything internal to the engine.

PS - I think that you’re bottom pulley is out to get you - wasn’t it that which came loose a while back and ended up bending a few valves?

Good on you Sean!

You’re replacing the alternator belt, right?

(you know, wet with oil, etc)

Great Result for both of you!

Russ, you had better get an entry form done!

Too right Mike, I will get it off to you today.