sorted...please read :)

first of all im in love with a top girl hahaha…life seems good at the min :slight_smile:

car ready! it was all the igniton timing. engine has 303 [email protected] 261 @wheels

what should i put in my email to the previous tunner?

i will draft it up and paste it on here tomorrow and see what ya think.

the ecu was never calibrated to the engine and the ignition timing had not been touched. all the origional tunner had to do was email or call jracing and they would have found out the u alter the ignition by so much for every psi.

i got slapped and had a shitty 202 bhp @wheels. a im v v mad with them. i will explain fully in the letter…(i also had alot of waiting and messing around ie taking the car home for two weeks then back again, 80 mile round trip so fuel for my car and a friends)

this is a chance i suppose for u guys to help me…there always seems to be a grey area surronding what u can and cant get refunds with regarding tunning and mapping. with ur help i will be going to the citizens advice and looking at how i can make a claim, which will hopefully serve to help others in the future. thanks andy :slight_smile:

Glad its sorted fella what torque did it make? I knew something was up when the other dude said it wouldn’t run with that map.

Yeah glad it is sorted.

If they didn’t know how to map the car, i.e. what amounts of ignition the car will stand, then they just aren’t very good at what they do. I don’t know where you stand on sewing someone for just being crap though?

Stitched up! :wink:

Dont waste your time and energy and add it to life experience …

As I said before and as Sean alludes too just because someone is crap at what they do doesnt mean they are going to give you a refund or you can go to court and win any money … actually you just waste more …

If this were true Microsoft would be bankrupt and our PC would never crash and the crappy complilation albums in the 70s would have been the real groups … ( ahem . .showing my naivity and age all in one go)

Hi ken its andy.

since having the car back from u with it’s 202 bhp @ the wheels i have done some research into why you could not get the power from the engine.
my answers came from a small rolling road in north wales.
I dropped the car off there with a list of what had been done and the estimate of what the power should be.

the car was left for one week (dropped off on a monday)

tuesday: the tuner mapping my car phoned me. he told me that the ecu was not calibrated to the engine. this was prooved by firstly the boost pressure. the ecu read something like 1.2 bar when in actual fact (with use of a spare boost gauge) the scharger was .4 of a bar. the fuel was also a bit out which i was previously suspicious of as it had always smelt very rich.

so he phoned omex and then calibrated the engine for me.(this was also the reason why it would not idle propperly)

he ran the car and got it to 212 bhp and could not get any more.

he made a call to jackson racing and asked about ignition timing. i think it was 2 degree for every 1 psi. anyway he did as they said and the engine is producing 306 bhp @ the fly which is perfect.

i must be honest ken. i would have thought u or tommy would have noticed the engine not being calibrated propperly and that a simple check with a boost gauge would have pointed this out and erradicated any issues of what boost the s/c was producing. tommy did mention to me that something was not quiet right with the boost and that it were red lining.
once this issue was ironed out a simple call to jackson racing would have told u about the ignition timing. instead i was left having to do this homework for myself which is a bit unfair, your the tuner not me and im paying you to give me a result. the result was a car with a little over standard power. during u having my car i made some calls to u and spoke to tommy. he is a nice chap but the vibes i got off him was he did not know what the problem was and he just wanted to wash his hands of it.
all of the above along with the initial wait and false promises of the car being ready have left me feeling out of pocket. it tokk me turning up out of the blue demanding for my car back to get you working onit. then i took it away with 200bhp. then drove it back again (waisting a friends time and costing me money infuel) and waited another two weeks for an extra 2 bhp.

ken, u had so much time to get decent results from my car. i spent �500 with you and got very very little.

i spent �150 having this other chap doing it. he diagnosed a mian problem and fixed it in 24hours (calibration) then realised there was another problem. rather than loosing his patience with it or washing his hands of it he set about fixing it. one call later and 4 days the car engine was producing its propper power.

all in all �150 for mapping, and a total of �370 was paid by me as the calibration took some time and i had other work done.

i paid for u to do a job. the job was not doen and u made it seem that it was a strange unanswerable fault! i then felt u had done your best and was happy with ur work but then after seeing the reasons why there was not enough power im quite upset at the amount of money i spent with you.

i would love to hear your thoughts on the above ken if you can please take time to respond.

regards andy.

Andy, where in North Wales did you take it?

Hi Andy,
Sorry to hear of all the problems you have had. Great, too, to hear that it’s sorted.

That seems to me a very reasonable letter and should bring a reasonable response.
I will Pm you with a more detailed view!


dont know what torque middo sorry. a place called ab garages damon. and thanks thommo…will post when i hear something xx

That place is 4 miles from my house!

Must call by and see what they are up to. They seem active on the mini forums.

no fookin reply from my above email :frowning:

r e performance in bury. gutted

[quote=redhairsucks]no fookin reply from my above email :frowning:

r e performance in bury. gutted[/quote]

Probably knackered his spellchecker! :wink:

Heard so many bad stories about them, been going years though so you would think they’d have some idea, thier rolling road cant measure above 250 bhp anyway lol, i once took my rotrex exige there for a power run (i was desperate at the time) and they couldn’t do it !!
A mate of mine Keith, (pesky will remember him) took a skyline gtr there.
Ken convinced him nitrous was a good idea, at some ridiculous cost, it lasted about 40 minutes and blew a piston, when i had a look at the install it was a joke, he had drilled the inlet manifold for the nitrous right next to no 1 cylinder.