sorry....more brake questions!

…would like help on 2 points please;
1.Do Pagid RS14 pads have a blue,grey or black backing?
2.Due to my mechanical nievity/concerns over damaging the master cylinder seal(due to incorrect bleading?),I would like to get someone with Elise/Exige experience to fit my new front discs and pads,s/s hoses and a fluid change.I thought the best place to start was with Lotus main dealers.My general lack of cofidence in garages was confirmed when 3 dealers quoted labor times of: 2.5 hrs,4 hrs and 5 hrs for the same job!Obviously at 65/70 � per hour (+vat) this varies the cost dramatically,and I’m sure like a lot of people,I don’t have a blank cheque to write.So,should I just go to the cheapest,pay up and look big or is the whole job simple enough for any garage to do…Exige experience or not.Your thoughts please!..

I would have offered to do them for you but i’m just having a new garage built, so very busy in the garden and then on Monday starting work in Humberside and will be up there Mon-Fri

Rs14’s are black

Good Luck, i’m sure someone will offer to help.

thanks for your reply.Really appreciated you kind offer regarding my brakes/RS14 pad info.
I hope your new job goes well!