Sorry from across the pond..........

Yikes, it looks like this may be twice us Yanks have done you guys in horribly(recently). First we send you Madonna, then they sissify the Exige for the American Market. I would rather have a more raw vehicle (what boy racer doesn’t?) And at the track I don’t use Air Con or anything like that, anyway.

I am a little more upset about the S2 thing than you guys having Madonna, bummer for you all but I am really happy to be rid of her.

Has any of you seen them hit the track? How are they?

How concrete are the rumors of the 250hp model? If that does come out my guess is that is sucks the doors off of anything short of Micheal Schumacher’s Ferrari.



They’re just rumours at the mo. Some say a super-charger, others a V6.

Nobodies really given the S2 any serious track stick yet.

I thought the S2 would be good for America, you can actually drive it on the road!

There’s a back-to-back in this weeks Autocar mag between the Ferrari 360SC and the 111R (ie. the Federal Elise). They give to the Elise through the twisties! (plus you save �100k…or about $1,000,000,000,000 at the current excahnge rates )

Madonna married our Guy and has all calmed down now.


Don’t get me wrong, we are really excited for both the Exige and Elise… But as far as a Daily Driver… I am not sure piloting one of these cars on the same roads with the Mammoth SUV’s would be a good idea. That and with most american drivers it would certianly be taking your life in your own hands.


We’ll forgive you the sissyfied Exige if you take Madonna back…

Madonna and the “sissified” Exige isn’t what springs to mind when thinking what America has done wrong recently…

Can open, worms everywhere!

We’ll forgive you the sissyfied Exige if you take Madonna back…

Maybe we can pawn her off on France or something??