Sorry for posting here, What is the new car that Lotus is coming up with?

There is no news about their new project ever since the m250 is dead. It has been almost a year. I am so curious what is gonna be next a family car or a rally car?

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Hi there Exiger.I don’t think you should expect to see anything new from Lotus for a while beyond Elise variants. You may see them team up with other maker on joint ventures though - projects more similar to the VX220.

I also think it is quite likely that Lotus may release some more Elise derivites this year. I would like to see an S2 Exige or 340R. May be they will launch a new UK Elise model with whatever engine they put in the US version, anyone else got a some ideas or inside info?Lotus are having an open day on the 14th of September and then there is the Birmingham Motor Show in October. As the S2 Elise appears at the motor show 2 years ago without warning, its not impossible that other derivities are currently in devepemnt and may surface.

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You’re all miles off the mark!!!See Scrumpertoo’s posting: I love it [image][/image]