Sorry but….

…it’s been done to death a million times but what tyres are people now using? It’s for more road than track. Currently have AD08R’s, might try the ZZS’s as going back to a 195 front appeals.

So what are the recommendations wise folk?

I’m running Advan AO52’s

I’ve been super impressed by them.

Anyone using Nankang NS2R’s?

I’ve used these for a while. Only just changed to some AO48R’s to compare.

I think they’re good value for money but be aware they’re not great in the wet.

the NS2R’s are pretty decent as an all rounder, but i found they worked better on a heavy car where you can get some heat into them.

I have fitted a couple of sets of Toyo TR1 (not to be confused with T1R or R1R) these TR1’s are a relatively new compound from Toyo and tbh, as a road tyre i could not complain at all. i have not tried them on track tho and i have not tried them in really bad conditions but i dont mind R888R in the pouring rain so i cant see the TR1’s being an issue either.

Im a Toyo dealer and can get hold of Toyo for a decent price, i can also get hold of other manufacturers too but price varies. Let me know if i can be of help.

One year on what did you go for and how were they?
And have you burnt through them :laughing:

I highly rate Avon ZZS, great on the road, pretty good in the wet and very good on track (very consistent, don’t seem to overheat easily, strong grip and give good feedback).

I wonder if there is something better?

Im running the Lotus spec Yokohama Advan Sport V105 good value good balance but surprised how much steering response I lost.

I have had these too on my s2.

You can feel the treadblock moving when you are on track but as you say its a balance of everything.

The A052 are just incredible though. Apart from the wear rate. I swear they start wearing out on the shelf before you put them on the rims.

I went with ZZS’s @Dw1

Happy with them so far on the road but not had a chance to try them on track yet.


:grin: they are a sweet tyre. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with them on track. They won’t give the amaze grip as a ZZR type tyre on the track but they agree still good and fun.

If not eye wateringly expensive these days.