I have not MOT’d or taxed my car since 1st Sept, what with it being at Bernard’s…

I think I have to either tax it or do a statutory off road notice (SORN) by Tuesday, or face an automatic fine…

With problems at work I will not be able to get the time off for an MOT and in any case it normally needs to be booked up in advance by a week or so…

So if I do a SORN at the post office, how soon can I re-register the car, and do I have to wait for paperwork to come back first ??

You can do a SORN online now here
You just have to fill in a form at the Post Office for the new tax disc and that can be done any time.

I hope you are enjoying the new found power in your car. I’m mad on Audi’s and the guys who have done a lot of work on my quattro reckon the 1.8T engine will go to 450bhp with internal mods.
I must say I’m very tempted to stick one in the back of my exige. How difficult was it to get a sensible insurance quote?


Hi Mike(N),

I know mike(L) used Competition Insurance, and seemd quite happy. Give’em a ring.

Wouldn’t it be tricky cooling 450bhp in an Exige’s engine bay??!!!


Actually if you can get that sort of power you don’t get the heat - heat seems to come as a result of using too much boost for the engine’s breathing ability…

I paid around �500 for cover from CCC - they are great !!

Thanks for the SORN link - a great help!!

I paid around �500 for cover from CCC - they are great !!

Bloody hell that’s lower than I pay at present…are you fully comp, what’s the excess and do you have a limited mileage policy…oh and one more - what about track day cover?

Here you go steve, this should answer some of your questions - see here

Mike, we still need to know about excess, but I assume you’ve insured the enitre value of the car (if it can still be called that in its current state! ).