Something a little different

I know this is not car related, but it does have bearing to the exige owning community. I am getting married in January next year and decided that titanium wedding ring’s were so last season. Being difficult and to some extent liking the way it rolled off the tongue I decided that inconel was the material to have. This is where the exige connection comes in, one of the local exige owners has a specialist engineering works, making things like the titanium screws for surgical purposes and many other exotic things, I discussed the possibility of having a ring made up in inconel, he said it might be slight problem for a jeweler as it’s reasonably hard, but that sourcing a small piece would not be a problem and that he had worked with it in the past. Anyway long story short he ended up machining my band from a billet of inconel and I am well chuffed, the band is 1.5mm thick and about 6mm wide.


Inconel used consists of 90% nickel and chrome, 0.03% iron so should out last me at least, and be stable up to temps of 1300deg C, so I could comfortabally drop it in a catalyst by accident and not be to concerned , well honestly I would be concerned if it was still attached to my finger, but I’ll deal with that if and when it happens

Honestly I am not sure how jewelers work with 100% titanium, after grinding some bolts off my undertray a while ago i just don’t think it is possible for a jeweler to work with it. Certain there stuff must contain a fair amount of titanium but not the pure alloy.

Amazing how many obscure things you can end up with due to the exige community

Surely you should have gone for one of these options being an Exige owner:

  1. Aluminium and stuck together with glue
  2. Cheap plastic (to save weight not just beacuse it’s CHEAP)
  3. Deleted option to save even more weight

Something else odd…


just hope you’re not allegic to nickel…

just hope you’re not allegic to nickel…

Or marriage…

Both are equally concerning