Some Slight (Terminal) Splitter Damage

My sister put the car off during practice on wednesday, the combination of low splitter plus a very damp run off area resulted in the car nose diving into the ground and folding the splitter under the car and ripping the two sill covers in the front.

Shee feels pretty bad, but that’s racing i think the chances of this happening quite so perfectly are 1 in a 1000, it litterally folded the spoiler straight under the car, almost as if we had jacked the car up bent the spoiler under the car and then driven over it. Have ordered a new splitter, but have made it clear that in order to make up for the emotinal damage i have suffered i will require a carbon fibre front clam, only fair i think

some photo’s here : Splitter Damage

Glad you can still smile about it - good lad

Reminds me when I lent my brand new CBR900 to my sister, she said she was going around the block.
1 hr later she told me she was about 10 miles away and had tipped the bike over.

Went o pick it up but I wasn’t very happy.
Not a lot of damage, but to say, sisters can be like that sometimes

Sorry to hear that Jason. But it sounds as if you’ve got the right attitude about it!

Personally, I think a carbon front clam may increase understeer due to the decrease in weight over the front axle. Perhaps worth considering an entire carbon body!


Thanks guy’s, have to accept that at some point you’re going to fall off the track during the season, and the damage could have been much worse had it been a tyre barrier or something solid, at least this is just cosmetic.

IDG you make a valid point also that would save money on painting so in the end everybody wins.