Some Scooby fellows need our help understanding...
Please help them out guys (hopefuly without starting a war)


mmmm… ‘elise fell away when it got twisty’ did it? ‘my Puma is faster and they (elise) run out of steam at 100’ do they? ahh well no accounting some folks idea of fun anyway makes interesting reading and I reckon there are as many supporters as slaggers, and all in the name of steroid abuse.

My Puma is a blast, but it’s definately not quick. Can get it slideways at 20mph!


Haven’t seen any of these scoobies burn past me yet, leaving me standing on the twisties! Has any one else? They must be eating too many scooby snacks

I’m always getting “burnt off” by Scoobies, on the road. That’s because I refuse to drive like a �wat in built up areas with 30,40 or 50mph speedlimits. I got shut of my Scooby TypeR in 1999 because I didn’t care for the car’s developing image, plus I traded it in for an EVO V1 - a much better car all round

However, when on track with aforementioned Scoobies

If you want a laugh, check out my post on the scooby site…

I am pretty sure it won’t start a war, but you never know!!

I wouldn’t waste your time mate…

The majority of Scooby drivers are hung up on 0-60 times and 1/4 mile times. None of the Lotus’s great strengths are 1/4 miles, and most of the Impreza’s will probably beat it.

Get them both on track however, and I’m sure the comparison will very quickly be going in favour the Exige!

Out of interest though, he called the Exige a “hairdressers” car - He’s either getting confused with the Elise or doesn’t know what he’s on about…I’d put the Exige at the bottom of the hairdressers “next cars” list. All that cabin heat must be terrible on your hair!

Have played with a few scoobies on track in my S1 and although quickish on the straight bits they weren’t hard to sort out in the twisty bits with a properly handling Elise.

Not had the Exige on track with other non Lotuses yet so can’t speak from experience but the expression " no problem" springs to mind !!

Still each to their own …