Some Record breaking news

Some news on our progress over here:

The orange turbo car ran an 11.2 second quarter at 212km/h, breaking the record by .2 seconds, and improving from it’s previous outing by .6 seconds. After some carfeul geo setup we got the 0-60 foot time down from 2.3 sec to 1.8 sec. There is some more to come and car should break into the 10’s by mid year. It was quite nice to take the record on it’s first official event.

This weekend i went with a friend of mine to a top speed run which is held regularly on one of the local circuits, it comprises 1/4 of an oval track and about 600m on the main straicht and trapping done by local fuzz. Class record was 179 km/h by a well sorted honda civic v-tec. My first run came in at at 177 km/h, street tires so had to get used to the grip i only drive the car on slicks really. Second run was in rain and i got 181 km/h, hampered by being a granny on the oval, but with suspension set for dry track and slicks i wasn’t going to take any chances. 3rd run was a no go as it ws bucketing down. I am certain that 190km/h is acheivable with a bit more practice and less downforce which should put the record out of reach for a while.

At least Loti now have 2 class records so far this year.

At least Loti now have 2 class records so far this year.

Well done! The way it should be!


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