Some more pictures for Tim Marra

Here you go Tim. :wink:
After a day grafting, cleaning and polishing yesterday. :smiley:

The LF1 is bloody gorgeous :stuck_out_tongue:

Great pics of a really beautiful car. Hadn’t really noticed all the colour highlights before but that is bloomin lovely.

Very nice Pete, thanks for posting.

Stunning Pete

Thanks for the nice comments :thumbup:
I must say it was in need of a good clean after the last T/D.

Adrian how are you getting on with your gorgeous yellow V6 ?
It would be great to have a Northern Meet soon, so that we can have a look at your new motor :wink:

Hi Pete, Your car looks stunning.
Any chance of posting your pics on the LF1 facebook page?

Not too soon PLEASE Pete!!!
Some time in July hopefully???

July would be good for me as working in London for a few weeks