Some advice pls...

Hi guys

Right, I currently have a S2 elise but cant resist the temptation any longer and I’m taking a S1 Exige for a test drive later. I’ve a few questions

  1. It will be my everyday car which for the Elise is fine, but is the Exige capable of doing this? I appreciate that Exiges are totally different animals to the Elise. Does anyone here use theirs as an everyday car or is that being unrealistic as its so track orientated?

  2. I’m looking at the 190bhp version, how strong is the K series when tuned that high? I dont want to have to have it rebuilt every 30k !

  3. i dont currently have a garage which again isnt a prob for my s2, but how would an S1 Exige cope with our fine british weather?

  4. Would anyone advice against ownership if its to be used everyday?

Any thing else you could tell me about Exige ownership would be greatly apprciated



Hello West

If you do a search you will see these questions answered quite a lot recently but …

  1. Yes quite a few are used everyday and are quite OK with that

  2. Depends on how you use it … but it will require more TLC than a 118bhp K … every 30K a rebuild sounds about right if you will also track it and use it as it was made for … but depends on what condition its in when you purchase ( miles mean nothing really … )

  3. It will leak both into the cabin and engine ( direct into the plugs and throttle pot so some cover would be advisable)

  4. Not on this site

I used an S1 as daily transport for about 35,000 miles with no problems, and hardly any leaks as well…

If you adjust the windows properly that takes care of most things… maybe I was lucky, but I don’t thnk so…


please please search this site as your questions have been answered loads of times… but anyway, AndyD and Mike Lane have pretty much answered you yeh… ?

  1. I use mine everyday, no probs and im 6’4’’
  2. don’t really know but AndyD has really covered this. mines done 27k so far
  3. It would be wise to get a cover for prolonged bouts of rain… at least put something under the engine bay vent, it’s also likely to leak somewhere around the roofline, but as mike says if you adjust the windaes and seal up all the obvious bits its not too bad… but you’d be better with a cover… IDG stands his outside, i think, and has done for the past few years… he’ll be along in a mo’
  4. ermmm… wot yoo mental or summat…

anything else ??.. mmmm… buy it enjoy it and you’ll never want anything else… esp at the track…

…IDG stands his outside, i think, and has done for the past few years… he’ll be along in a mo’

Tis true. A waterproof breathable cover from Specialised Car Covers is a top bit of kit and still enables you to look out the window and see its outline. In the winter it can even freeze in the shape of an Exige, so you can lift it off and pretend you have two! They about �200 quid which is much cheaper than building a garage and I believe it stopped weather related problems since I’ve been using it.

The only thing to add to the other is that Exige ownership is pretty special. The last true (semi-practical) racecar for the road before Euro regs took over (Radicals don’t count Ally).


My car has been kept outside for three and a half years. No cover. No problems. The only thing I had to do is fit the S2 cam cover shield to keep the rain out of the plug wells.

The only negative is you never really know about the engine. Some of them last really well, some have a bit of trouble. Make sure you’ve got a couple of grand lying around ‘just in case’.