Stunning and perfectly maintained S1 Exige for sale

Need space for a new project…

I own this beautiful car since 2007, which have always been maintained at a Lotus specialist. LHD, no race tracks, all documents complete incl. certificate of provenance.

2bular exhaust, oil temp. in Stack display, sport seats with harness plus 3-point belts etc.

60000miles/90000KM on the clock, still looks stunning!

2014 suspension fresh up as well as replaced other important parts such as the oil cooler hoses, clutch, alternator, sparkplug cover etc.

Optional available: a spare set of original wheels and a choice of exhausts! (Will not sell parts separately before selling the car).
Asking price is 45000 Euro (around 40000 GBP). Car is located in Switzerland.

If seriousely interested I can upload high res pictures and scan the full documentation.

Any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Martini stripes are removable (stickers)

What a refreshing change to see a more realistically priced car, looks fantastic. GLWTS :slight_smile:

I know, 60000£ on Pistonheads…

I really don’t want to sell, I see the car every day sitting in the garage and think: ‘‘most breathtaking car ever’’ (talking about the affordable one’s) and it gives me a smile every time I look at it :sunglasses: still affects my pulse every time I see it… But after 10 years of very happy ownership I feel it’s time to pass it to another enthusiast and dive into my next project…

What’s the next project?
Hope you get a nice quick sale.

Isn’t that car the one that has been posted as the big ‘Exige S1 puzzle’ over at Seloc in the Exige S1 picture thread?

Anyway, very nice car with a realistic price tag. Good luck with the sale.


…60k miles on a vhpd is good. Any issues in that time? Can you stop the view that they all explode?



next projects are also both also E’s :smiley:

Explode :smiley: Absolutely not. Had some oil issues (1 litre per 1500km!) at around 50000km and had the head gasket rebuilt prophilactical by which was around 5000 CHF/4000 GBP which sounds like a lot but really isn’t for Switzerland (if you know how much labour costs here…). Compare that to a Ferrari or Porsche price tag… It uses barely any oil ever since, I still check it every 2000 KM or so.

Apart from that, the usual bits like clutch (it’s now an AP Racing), alternator, battery, replaced the heatshield in the engine bay, nothing dramatic really. All the parts are surprisingly inexpensive. We did also many long trips without any issues, such as France, Italy, Spain as well as our Swiss alps of course.

I believe it’s all really about maintenace, love and care, and even if you have to do an engine rebuilt at 200000k for a couple of grand’s it’s worth it.

I had my daily driver BMW 135 in for a service last week, and they asked: ‘‘do you want us to check all the fluids?’’ (which cost another 200.- or so) I said ‘‘why should I want that? The car is fully packed with sensors and even tells me when the windshield washer fluid is low!’’

And that’s what I love about the Exige. No sensors. Just your head, your bum, your arms and hands and your ears. This car needs senses, not sensors.

And that, I think, sums up the S1 Exige perfectly!

Quote of the year…well done :clap:

forgot to mention legs and feet :wink:

Looks like good value!

That car always looks good.

Is this still for sale? How easy would this be to convert to rhd?

Hi Kriss, I posted this comment in the thread with the swiss yellow Exige for sale :

Hi Kriss

Yes, it is. Kind of. Really don’t want to sell, but I just can’t justify to keep it really. Too many other projects, too little time, and after 10 years of ownership (and 5 Elise-years before the Exige), I had to move on. I know I’ll regret selling the car immediately :wink:

I agree the conversion is pretty easy and not too expensive (+/- 1500 Euro for parts). You can keep the LHD parts, or sell them in a continental forum. Here in Switzerland, RHD to LHD conversions are not very often. But in Germany there are many Elise/Exige from UK imported and converted to LHD, so it’s proven that it works with not too much effort.

If you are interested, send me a pm and let us chat.

Take a cheap flight to Zurich to view the car and test drive it. We can inspect the car on a lifting platform at my lotus dealer. Then decide.

I can pick you up at the airport and give you a lift back, or you stay overnight at my place. We could combine this with an extended weekend in Zurich :sunglasses:

Rover SD1 conversion:

my afternoon off work - bright sun, 15°, free roads :wink:

ok I had the Exige out for a spin today, after many month - what a glorious car this is!

I now have an member from UK who is interested buying. If he buys I’ll sell. (I think he doesn’t, as importing and converting it is still a lot of work and cash…)
If not, I’ll keep it. I’m so tired of ‘‘I would buy if I had the money’’ persons, tyre kickers, traders, shady dealers, etc. and the car is such a fun to drive, gets so much attention and is just an event itself. Really enjoyed it (almost accidentally crossed the border to some military ground near Zurich, but did get away…)

I know, I would regret selling it immediately… It’s so special, I love the visible aluminium chassis in the interior, the parts that look kit-car like, the sounds and rattles it makes, the nimble handling, the speed, the smell and feel, even the kangorooing at low rpm…

I confess, I’ve watched the Elise inside story yesterday evening again… Lotus Elise - The Inside Story - YouTube

That’s great news, well kept :smiley: :clap: