SOLD - EXTRA WIDE side scoops

With the intention of gobbling up more air, leaves, cyclists and small mammals I have for sale a pair of extra wide side scoops for S2 Exige.

I was going to fit them to my RGB but in the end got some standard size carbon jobbies which funnily enough are much, much heavier than these!

Black gelcoat finish. Immaculate and unused. I’m only looking for my money back so £115 delivered (uk only)

I’ve taken a few photos to show comparison between standard and wide scoops. They are substantially larger than standard ones!

You can have a few freebies as well - large piece of large hole mesh more than enough for these scoops and a template I made for the mesh for standard size scoops these may or may not come in handy.

wow, I was expecting them to be snapped up, very surprised no one has commented or offered!

What’s up? Too pricey?

No ones seeming to use this forum now that Franks gone :frowning:

I’m tempted (as I am by most things put up for sale here) but I’ve got a spare room filling up with parts I can’t find the time to fit as it is! And little time to drive the car! :frowning:

You didnt get my pm?

SOLD - thanks Gav

I really would have liked to see these on my RGB but I guess on a more track focused exige they will look the mutts nuts!

Cheers B.

They are actually going to be used on a 111R, im putting a s /c and 2-11 intercooler set up in the boot and need to feed it with a good supply of air…


Is this another project car? We need pictures :wink:

Nice to speak to you Gav. I don’t think you need anymore toys, what a cracking line up!

All the best,


Yes, the LHD motorsport 111R I had in production class is being converted to run in lcuk open class as we speak!!

I had most of the parts to convert it on the shelf left over from the GavT3 build from last year. ProductionClass has all got a bit too rough and tumble for me these days so I wanted to be in amongst the faster classes up the front. I have decided to retire the 2-11 as I have raced and won for the last 4 yrs in it and its still all in original condition. i.e get out while the on the good foot basically. The Sadev gearbox is coming out and its being being returned to a road car, Sadev then going into GavT3…

Should be interesting with the Elise though this year in the races as im not going to be running any wings, splitters or big diffusers, trying to keep it all super slippy at the higher speeds…

I will get some piccys up as soon as Ive worked out how my new phone works (I’ve only had it a month!!).



Im after a replacement of one of these side scoops as I’ve had a little incident with a traffic cone and smashed the one on the o/s.

Do you know where they came from originally please so i can get a match?



Pm’d you also, ta.

I have a RLS wide set in unpainted fiberglass that I haven’t used you could use as a mold .

Hi Gav,

I’ll try and get hold of the guy I bought them from. Leave it with me…

Thanks Bruce.