Soft Tops & Roof Racks

Ok, so as an ex-Elise driver I kinda got used to being able to take the lid off and enjoy the sunshine. More importantly I was also able to take the rear window pane out (with the roof off) and tie my surfboard to the roll bar!So my questions:Is there a conversion for the Exige to make it into a soft-top, and has any one ever put roof bars on the hard top?I took my Elise for a ten-day bash down through France into Italy and I’m planning the same with the Exige … with even less ‘boot’ my only alternative is ship my luggage on ahead!!Thanks All,Richard

I did see a picture of an Elise S1 roof on an Exige. It might be in the gallery. I guess you’d need to change the rear hatch as you’d lose the roof vent.As for a roof rack - let me check the date, no, you were a day late on an April Fool!You wouldn’t catch me trying it!Ian [image][/image]

quote:Is there a conversion for the Exige to make it into a soft-top Don’t make me hit you !!

The ‘Eliseparts’ site has an ‘Exige’ rear clam that would let you use the standard Mk1 Elise soft/hard tops.