Soft top conversion

Being performed by CNs , 20/06/18 , anybody else had it done ? Advice ? Pointers? Cheers !

Its easy, presuming you’ve got a soft top and bars then just need a dremmel and the two grommets. An easy DIY job.


Going to do mine when i pluck up the courage to break out the drill and dremel

No soft top , buying a new one from Lotus and letting someone who knows what they r doing do the dremel malarkey !

How much were the parts from Lotus?

Lots ! All in all it’ll be about £1200

Interestingly EP stock the OEM Lotus roof. It’s not much cheaper though.

Had it fitted yesterday ( £1250) , brilliant job and so happy to be rag topped again ! Soft top even now has an inner lining ! Thank you CNs

I had it done when I bought the car. No issues and I love the extra noise.