So what's it worth?

OK guys, painful post - think I might have the sell the Exige

I know this is sacrilige, but I pretty much only use it for sprinting rather than road use. I am knocking this on the head for a couple of years as my other half is expecting and I would rather do the right thing and be at home with her, rather than off 18 weekends of the year.

This post has been prompted by CliveE’s post where it was commented that modified cars rarely come onto the market - I thought it might make mine worth less, but maybe I will still get a good price for it.

So - a description:

Chrome Orange S1 Exige, 22,000 miles (19,000 with first owner and only 2,000 with me)

No air-con

Engine - Dave Andrews rebuilt at 20,000 miles, including bottom end (most people only get the head done, so the engine is pretty fresh)

Big valve head
Piper 1227 Cams
Ported and Polished head
New VHPD Crank
EBD Ultra Big Bore Manifold
Lotus (Janspeed) Sports exhaust
Cat Replacement Pipe
Solid bottom engine mount
Emerald ECU

Rolling roaded at Emerald in Watton by Dave Walker - produced 200 BHP on the nose, but this was after only 500 miles of running in. Dave reckoned with a bit more wear (it’s had another 1,000 miles since then) that it would produce another 5 BHP and a decent exhaust would liberate another 5 BHP. But I can only stand by the 200 BHP as this is what I have seen on the screens.

Car has been lightened a little to save weight, but still to fit in with strict Sprint regs where it has to be MOT legal and also look like the original car. So Carbon Filter, sound and heat proofing (where not needed), Radio, Aerial, Speakers, lots of associated wiring has all gone - I would guess circa 15 kg of extra crap has come off the car.

Pagid RS14 pads all round

Motorsport Wheels on Toyo Proxes

Safety Devices Harnesses, drivers is 6 point with crotch strap.

Momo quick release steering wheel

Fitted with Elise Rollcage with diagonal. Diagonal has been professionally modified to allow removal from Exige without removing the roof (not aware that anyone else has fitted an Elise type cage to an Exige and make it work!!!) - thanks to Lotus for advice and help with this - they had to do a similar thing for cages in VX220s.

Edwards rear diffuser

Comes with loads of bits:

Standard set of wheels on almost new Proxes (200 miles to scrub surface)
Standard Manifold
Standard Exhaust
Silenced Cat pipe, unsilenced cat pipe and cat (only used for MOTs!!!)
New trim panel for behind seats (one in car has been cut to accept cage)
Original harness bar
Lotus engine parts removed during rebuild - ECU, Cams, pulleys etc.

Would be interested in opinions on value - frankly I don’t have to sell the car for financial reasons, but it seems such a waste to have it sat for the next 2 years and barely turn a wheel. My personal thoughts are between �22K and �24K with all the bits, but prices seem to vary. If collective opinion is much lower, then I might just hang onto it!!!

Thoughts appreciated

Bother - and I’ve gone and bought one now! Best of luck in selling it… and of course for the little one on the way.

I think the price depends on the time of year (now being a pretty good time) and how long you’re prepared to wait.

I think you should get interest at those levels. Actively market it at that for the next 3 months and see what happens.

Good luck with the baby (from a man whose 2nd is just starting to sleep!), and please tell me you’ll still have something in the garage in which to escape and be a man in for a while?!



I agree that your car sounds good… and the right colour and think �22k would be a reasonable starting point… see how it goes