SO! What is the Exige V6 really like...

Perhaps it’s increasing age! :smiley:

Perhaps it’s dreaming!

Perhaps it’s lusting! :sunglasses:

I am becoming increasingly drawn to the idea of getting into an Exige S3 V6!

So, having owned 2 S1 Exiges, raw, pure, the most un-adulterated and brilliant driving experience, to my outstanding S2 SC circa 240 BHP, with all the bits that made it a joy around a circuit and on the road, I am very curious how ‘Exigers’ who have perhaps owned and driven both the S1/S2, really feel about the V6?

My ‘gut’ perhaps says, whilst the V6 engine is wonderful and the brakes brilliant, it is perhaps a bit too ‘heavy’ to get bored of too quickly on the twisty/braking bits?

Or to the contrary?

There are some great deals out there right now on cars and I am really interested in perhaps nabbing one whilst I can… keeping my S1 Elise of course as the DNA link!

Comments across the board very welcome! Including if the later cars are worth getting into over the first releases?

Cheers guys,

Pete :smiley:

P.S… Dare I also mention also an Evora! I drove an IPS 400 18 months ago and was totally impressed with the intoxicating engine etc etc… until a well driven Elise S1 ran away from me on a twisty ‘B’ road… where the Evora felt really ‘heavy’… :open_mouth:

I’m a tad surprised with your Evora comments Pete, they are a superb GT car and B road blaster :mrgreen: I love mine.

You have your Elise S1 for the B roads if you prefer, and the Evora for everything else. S3 Exige is a great car though. Nice choice to have.

Good observation Tim!

My Evora ‘comments’ (thoughts) have been lost in the P.S post I made mate…

I watch my vid of my Evora weekend a lot! :sunglasses: :smiley:

Never owned an S1, but have owned an Exige S2 190 Sport. Now own a 2013 Exige S3.

My experience is road rather than track…

I’ve never thought of it as heavy, and it doesn’t feel heavy. The stand out things about it for me are: the relentless power delivery, the compliance on bumpy roads, the traction control (including race mode on my car) and the switchable exhaust.

For me, this combines to give it wider breadth of ability and usability for my usage in standard ‘out of the box’ spec.

Again, for me, it feels no less special than my S2 did, in fact, it feels very similar in many ways and importantly, retains simplicity. I don’t mind it not being ‘plush’, and I love that it still doesn’t have PAS or sat nav etc. I think it’s a great ‘special feeling’ car that history will show to be a great Lotus.

Another thing that really appeals about the S3 is how distinct it is from other models.

Can’t wait for the spring and getting back to driving it.

Hope that view helps?

Pete, when I’m Melbourne give me a shout and give mine a run …
I’m of the opinion it’s very much like a SC Honda S1 in feel and power to weight.
Yes it’s heavier but it does have AC, ABS, cruise and sound deadening etc …
On track my times are very similar to the S1 if I run R specs and that is standard suspension just some geo tweets and SSC induction kit.
I’ve also got a very heavy hard top … and it’s an auto …
Having driven it 3 times Sydney to Melbourne and had it around Wakefield, Sandown, Winton and PI I’m finding it a good compromise.
My only problem is working out how the heck it costs so much compared to an Evora, and now that they have sorted the looks I would take an Evora over an Exige if it was a road car mostly …

The compliance of the Evora over give and take B roads is one of its stand out abilities, giving great confidence to press on :smiley:

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