So how many S1 Exige’s are there left still in UK

Per title, I was think of an S1 Exige meet, curious to how many cars are still in the country?

Just to add I looked on “howmanyleft” and it shows 85 licensed and 102 on SORN but not 100% they are all S1. It’s says 245 licensed in 2001.

S1 meet would be good, I think the Exiges meet two years ago at C&M and this years LiTP yielded about the same number of cars…I think if we could crack 20+ real S1’s you’d be doing well!

Well I guess that has to be the target then… need a location that’s central for next Spring I guess. Maybe the new caffeine and machine site? Or somewhere in wales not necessarily Anglesey

The motorist?

Evening all - great idea - i agee with Nicolas Cage , how many left is a good indicator . I think they are S1s , as the peak rises dramaticaly in 2001 and then slowly drops off . Some where cenral is a great idea. good parking is my only suggestion no kerbs and avoiding bank holidays . over night stop would be lovely , chats at the bar . thank you for suggesting - its about time i said hello . treat me gently :smile: - yours Dave

We can make any yellow ones park out of sight :ok_hand:

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Harsh… :joy:

I am not capable of parking properly … im very happy to cling film mine in any colour you want with "de lux 1600E
" tan roof if it helps

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Oi! You! Less of the Yellowism

Happy New Year Ladies and Gents . Please let me know if you do decide for meet somewhere in the spring . Caf & Mash is easy for me & I have not been before so that would be a bonus. I need a bit of lead time as i have to get on my knees & pray early to coax the Plastic Pig out of its pen. - Dave

I’m happy to try and organise something. I’m unsure though if other events already on the cards with the lotus 75 year anniversary?

I could try and arrange something at Hethel maybe?

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Thank you very much - I am more than happy to help with any visits this year regardless of location or venue . .75 years … wow . Where idiu that go ?
Geographically Im West Sussex Horsham , or Denham South Bucks so im South. Please PM me if easier . - Dave

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Hethel works for me, I’m about 15 minutes from there :smile:
I’m more than happy to help too as we had the mini Exiges meet a couple of years ago.

I’m looking out for any info about 75th Anniversary events at Hethel. I imagine they’ll book up quickly, like the 70th did.

I’ll be at various events at Goodwood (Members Meeting, Breakfast Clubs, Track Days, Festival of Speed) either in the Exige or Evora if anyone wants to meet up.

The date for Lotus in the Peak 2023 has recently been announced - Fri 30 June to Sun 2 July, with the main gathering on 2 July. We had a decent number of S1 Exiges last year.

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I’ll be at the Goodwood events. I took the Exige to a couple of Breakfast meets last year see if I get any invites for 2023. I’m going to take it to the members meeting this year, I park on Lavant Bank.

I normally go a bit lazier for the Revival / FOS as have family.

MM is my favourite.

Thinking of doing the Spring Sprint this year to try that.

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As in the Bailey sprint? I plan to do that too, did it last year, lots of fun!

Hi no I think that’s a different event. There are two sprint race events a year on the Goodwood circuit for members, I haven’t been before but want to use the Exige more this year as intended.