So how many S1 Exige’s are there left still in UK

Per title, I was think of an S1 Exige meet, curious to how many cars are still in the country?

Just to add I looked on “howmanyleft” and it shows 85 licensed and 102 on SORN but not 100% they are all S1. It’s says 245 licensed in 2001.

S1 meet would be good, I think the Exiges meet two years ago at C&M and this years LiTP yielded about the same number of cars…I think if we could crack 20+ real S1’s you’d be doing well!

Well I guess that has to be the target then… need a location that’s central for next Spring I guess. Maybe the new caffeine and machine site? Or somewhere in wales not necessarily Anglesey

The motorist?

Evening all - great idea - i agee with Nicolas Cage , how many left is a good indicator . I think they are S1s , as the peak rises dramaticaly in 2001 and then slowly drops off . Some where cenral is a great idea. good parking is my only suggestion no kerbs and avoiding bank holidays . over night stop would be lovely , chats at the bar . thank you for suggesting - its about time i said hello . treat me gently :smile: - yours Dave

We can make any yellow ones park out of sight :ok_hand:

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Harsh… :joy:

I am not capable of parking properly … im very happy to cling film mine in any colour you want with "de lux 1600E
" tan roof if it helps

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Oi! You! Less of the Yellowism