So; build me an engine

Looking towards this Winter it may be decision time on what to do engine wise for the S1.

The current modded vhpd is showing signs of tiredness and I must admit the lure of the Honda is proving hard to ignore…

Importantly I have to drive one first but my initial thoughts are to build an awesome NA Honda. Question is, can you build a 280bhp+ K20 without it becoming a race engine begging for a rebuild every 20k miles?

I’ve read up a little and doubt I want to do the Frankenstein k24 bottom end route etc…

So educate me .Com, 280bhp + reliability = realistic dream?

Feel free to air those views, I know very little! :smiley:

Dan @ HPE seems to be the man of the moment for high-power NA Honda.

I can see the attraction Rob but a couple of things to consider :

  • consider doing it incrementally. Just putting a standard engine with a decent exhaust+RBC manifold will make good power and be very reliable.
  • you’ll notice a big change in performance and power delivery with the above.
  • try and pax with IDG or DaveP in their NA Hondas - it really is a sweet spot in reality.
  • obviously experience a full-fat SC+CC Honda too. They are epic but are defo more expensive to run. If big power is what you want they do represent the most cost -effective proven way of getting there.

So I’m a mere tinkerer, gladly bow to the knowledge of the guys that do it day in and out. Here is my 2c though:

So if you keep to bolt on mods, drop in cams & springs, the better OE inlets, decent OTT exhaust, and user hondata I’d say you’d peg out at 250.

Frank setups might well add torque but really you’re robbing Peter to pay Paul as their stroke to rod ratio means the peak piston speeds are a problem, they really hold back the ability to rev. Show me a European ‘frank’ doing the numbers…

Next step up, built engines etc and ITBs means ideally you want alpha-n mapping. Hondata can do it, badly. So if your plan is beyond 250 then go for a proper ecu early doors. Decent ECU and top end injectors will give you back a stable idle. You’ll also want to rev, so the stock oil pump needs to go, ideally dry sumped. Here a 2.2 crank is a nice addition.

In an ideal world you’d use a k24 block that’s taller with longer rods, then destroke it with a shorter throw crank. Dan Webster is your man here.

Now here is the curve ball, what about a duratec from uncle Steve? You get a nice box fresh 2.3, aftermarket ecu as stock as well as ITBs. He keeps the OE gearbox and shafts, so you side step those issues.

Plus Burton power can supply you with a crate engine with whatever power you like. The cosworth dry sump is also fantastic, no external belt and only two hoses.

Thanks again guys, and an apology. I obviously have a very short memory and was banging on about this in January so I’ll hush up now!

No worries at all, gave me something to muse and google on the train into work

NA engines are very cool, but deffo a rich mans game compared to a blower on a junkyard engine

True Tim, having driven turbo’d and NA cars and been out in SC’d loti I think I’ve always been an NA kinda guy.

I’ve already started talking to Dan at HPE and will see where this goes…

Enjoyed reading up on the Cosworth link you posted, now that would be cool to have that engine staring back at you…!

I found this S/H 280bhp Duratec, OK its more expensive than the crate engine but it comes with a Sadev sequential and well,…a free car :sunglasses:

280bhp Duratec for sale

Wow, that looks tasty. You’re gonna need to scratch that itch soon mate!!

personal opinions and all. not wishing to upset any reader.

as someone who recently sold on a very powerful exige S2 I have come full circle and think 200bhp in one of these cars is plenty to have fun with on the rd.

My S2 was crazy quick and yes exciting but you reach crazy lose your license speeds very quickly

You have to ask yourself, is the reason that you don’t want to spend the money on the VHPD, or is it just greater hp & reliability that you really want?

If it’s the later, then Honda engines are great - I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with a standard-ish NA 220 bhp engine :+1:t2:

personally i like the look of the duratec conversions, the changes to the drive train on the honda swaps seem to go through bearings and CVs more, and as the duratec swap keeps the pg1 box and the drive shafts, also no modification is required to the gearchange mechanism its a simplifed mechanical install. also as a bonus the price for an LSD is significantly less than for a honda box too

We have brought a thread back from the dead here Gents! The last reply until a day or so back was in 2015.

Was going to say, OP has had a ~300bhp K20 in the back of his Exige for a few years now. :smiley:

Love a bit of resurrecting old threads….yep everyone knows I went K20 2.2 and I drive it very sensibly :+1: