Sniff Petrol - another classic issue - Aug 06

LOL at the “Stop The Cock” pictures

That’s the 2nd pop he’s had at “internet users” in recent months… Oh the irony of using the internet to complain about internet users ?

I just delighted to see that it’s not just me that is driven nuts by Allen though. Fatface Blundell is darn annoying too.


yesterday Anthony Davidson started to get a bit annoying too… I thoght he did really well for a first timer and I know commentating on F1 is a real skill but he said a few cocky things… especially when he went on and on about Shuie being on Full wets … which he wasn’t… the bit at the end about ‘all my guys’ and ‘my tyre choices for the weekend’ got a bit tiresome too…

First time in 8 years or so that i can remember Ferrari completely boogering up their strategy !!.. should have followed Button with a 10-15 lap fuel at the second stop and then dropped in for dry tyres with about 20 laps to go (would have given MS another 5-7 seconds a lap and they would have recovered the 20 second extra stop easily… instead of taking mega risks trying to keep 4 second a lap cars behind… which didnae work… obviously

cracking race tho’… and i’m pleased for Jenson