Snetterton Video Last Sunday

Heres a lap of snetterton from last sunday, i was in the driving seat
Well 2 laps actually.



You seem to be er, ever so slightly quicker than everybody else!

Excellent, Quo

S/c or N/a now?

See you at Brands on 1st May (or are you still on holiday then)?

Just what I was thinking (SC or NA), the Exige seems to scream past all of the other cars on the track.

It was running the low boost SC around 250bhp.
Might not have been my car either.
And being as it was a trackday I couldnt time it.
Sorry cant make brands in may, im on holiday which is a shame.


But hey, all those Elise’s let you past


I take it that is an aftermarket SC ??? or was it an Exige S ??

Its an S1 not an S2 and it has a Honda Engine in it too.
The black car with yellow stripes was a 240 cup i belive too.

The black car with yellow stripes (ala Brit GT style) is a Cup 240, he was a bit shocked I was pulling away from him in the morning.

It’s a shame they stopped you when you were following me out when I was behind Martin Donnelly. Could have been an interesting few laps.

I believe it was the Scuff-mobile!

Very impressive too (both car & driving).


Is it the same engine which finished the 24hr race too, or has he swapped it for another?

Aren’t Honda’s brilliant!

Dam i have to get one of these Honda kits

Nice driving Quo

Same engine that has done 24 hour and just about every other britcar race.
Hondas are brilliant.


Great video… can you tell me what hardware setup you’re using for your in-car video?




Nice one christian, I think it is fair to say you know the track quite well

Only been there once before, and that was when my exige was completely standard.


Good video, good driving as well!.

But it cannot be the same engine, AFAIK it completed the 24 hr race but blew the next one.
Unless it was only repaired.

But hey, good fun!

If I recall the engine came out after the 24hr which had been the engine that had done pretty much a complete Britcar season. An engine went in of unknown history for the GT race that accompanied the A1GP. There was a problem with that on the Saturday and the car returned to base and returned on Sunday with the original engine back in and a JRSC attached. Simon then had a slight Paddock Hill incident and retired. Car is now repaired still with the original engine and with Christian in the seat putting in what looked like a damned impressive pace around Snett

Cheers Benja