Smoking on Overrun

Quick question to you all, after the car suffered a minor Head Gasket failure it now seems to smoke under heavy braking / changing down (mainly on track very hard to get it to smoke on the road) the oil consumption is not excessive and the piston have been pressure check and they are apparently very good.

So any ideas???

water smoke ? or oil smoke ?

anyhow, it shouldn’t smoke… sounds like maybe the gasket isn’t right ?

I thought all silver exiges smoked

water smoke

Is that the Scottish term for “steam”?

LOvL… nah… that’s what comes out when you old fookers say anything…

water smoke

Is that the Scottish term for “steam”?

Pis*ser LOL

It has a blue tinge so I guess oil smoke.

I do have some photos and if I figure how to post them I will put them up!

Blue smoke on overrun is normally indicative of wear in the valve guides or ineffective valve stem oil seals.


Dave thanks for the response replaced the valve seals and the problem has gone!!!