i mentioned this problem in my post about the tappety noise coming from my engine but i still could use some help!

When my car is up to 82degrees i rev it up to 7500rpm and change gear, upon changing gear and accelarating again, there is a quick puff of dark smoke from the exhausts.It does not puff any other time unless it is being shifted quickly at high rpm. This happens everytime i hammer it until the car has been driven hard for a bit. The engine had a rebuild 2000miles ago and has done this ever since it came back. I ran it in for 1200 miles before booting it and it is being run on mobil 1 0w40 oil. Could it be that my oil is too thin? Or is it just normal due to the oil getting past cold pistons? Is it harming my engine

I’ve only had that when i have overfilled the oil a bit, also thought there were problems and then kept oil between Hi and low dipstick marks and it doesn’t do it anymore. Bit to much oil in these cars and they smoke, check oil level when you get back after it’s done it and if it’s close to the high level or over it my guess is that’s it.

yup its at the top of the level indicator on the dipstick!! So easy to overfill these cars Ill get it drained and replaced with castrol rs on friday!! Cheers jason

If it’s dark smoke it’s fule AFAIK.
Oil is blue, besides, the top of the line is where most people leave it and it doesnt smoke because of that.

Do you have an Emerald? check the cut off fuel on the overrun.
Standard or 190 ECU? I would check the vaccuum line that goes to the regulator.
It’s there to decrease the pressure when at low vaccuum. If there was a vaccuum leak it would force more fuel in that is needed.
The vaccuum hoses at the left of the engine (the ones that go to the flapper valve relays) tend to get damaged and not noticed easily.