smoke without fire?

I seem to be getting smoke or maybe steam from my radiator when I am sitting at traffic lights (sits at 90 - 95 C after a few miles urban driving). Anybody else get this? Not sure if it is just cause the weather is getting colder but i do seem to remember it happening for a while. think it started after I got the 4x4 damage repaired on the front panel, I thought it might have just been some laquer burning off the radiator but it seems to have returned now its getting colder so not sure if related. I just dont want to spontaneously combust

I presume it is the same feature as the S1. Water collects under the rad and evaporates when hot. I drove in to work the other morning after the heavy rain and there was comedy amounts of steam sitting in traffic on the A4 - looked like it was bloody steam powered Now there’s an idea…

Nothing to worry about, happens to all Elise/Exige…well it’s happened to every one I’ve had anyway.

My S1 does that and it quite scary when it first happens to you!

The Rads on the S2 are fragile. I have seen 2 where the plastic end parts fail/crack

Keep an eye on it. if you find you cant see out of the windscreen due to green fluid and steam theres a fair chance its bust

glad to hear its not too much of an issue. I wasnt too concerned until passengers started getting ready to jump out for fear of fire. That said i have a new radiator ready to be fitted since the mechanic dropped something on this one when replacing a rusted bolt.