Smelly cockpit with window open

Anyone got exhaust smell in the cockpit with windows open and no traffic in front? Smell goes away with windows shut (no cat).Maybe there’s a slight leak on the exhaust and opening the window creates a vacuum in the cockpit that either sucks air back in from the side air intakes, or some leak in the roof/rear bulkhead???

I get this also, although I am not too sure that it is coming from the exhaust. I have a feeling that it is coming from the filler cap, can you smell it from the passenger side as well?RegardsPeter

Yep, and definitely more exhaust smell than petrol. BTY did you the fuel filler or some pipe there-abouts was recalled?

Oh well must be a different problem then!I do know that there was a recall although mine did not fall into the category according to Nelmes, I will get Wilson’s to check it when it goes in for it’s service next month though. Thanks for reminding me.Peter