Smells fishy.

I’m relatively new to the world of Exiges, picking up my car at the end of last year.It’s a 190 example and one of the last made, on a ‘51’ plate and so far it’s been an absolute dream.Quick question though: Took it for a back road blast last night and then got stuck in traffic. I noticed a burning smell (similar to clutch / brakes). Checked all levels, leads etc when home and nothing seemed to be wrong. The car runs fine, but there’s still a faint whiff of burnt something (plastic? rubber hoses?) from the engine bay.Any ideas what might be causing it lads and lasses?Thanks.

I would have it revised by the dealer, a piece of pipe or cable might have moved and could be touching the engine or exhaust.If not attended could lead to a short and bigger problems.Otherwise it could be exhaust touching the fiberglass body, brakes, or some oil leakage getting burt off.Check it well.Uldis

Thanks Uldis - I’ll check it into Frosts in Shoreham and get them to give it the once over.Fingers crossed.

I know you said it was from the engine bay but i noticed that if i drive mine hard then i have at times burnt the inner wheel liners, depending on how hard you are corning. The smell was awfull as it was buring fiberglass, saying this it was on track, but i am sure with hard road driving this could happen also.You will know if this is the case as there will be a hole in the lining the size of a cigarette packet.anyway i am sure the dealer will pinpoint it.

Thanks Mcdermom - the burning fibreglass could be a possibility, particularly as the smell is pretty pungent. Might also be something to do with the ‘chirp’ noise that I hear occasionally from the wheel liners over bumpy fast roads; the sort I was driving on last night.Car booked in for Friday - hopefully they won’t find anything too serious.

quote:Originally posted by Vanzan:Might also be something to do with the ‘chirp’ noise that I hear occasionally from the wheel liners over bumpy fast roadsI think you’ve found the famous Exige YIP. Welcome to the club. You’re unlikely to cure it, it’s all part of the joys of ownership! I think most become vaguely fond of it.Search the site for more info.Ian [image][/image]

Well Ian, after 3 months of ownership, I guess the YIP does perhaps have it’s own unique appeal. Certainly the German sportscars I had prior to the Exige weren’t able to do it.