slugish in town??

Im the proud owner of a gorgeous aluminium exige(177bhp totally standard) picked it up on Saturday after trading up from my MK2 elise, and needless to say im stoked with it. It has however on a couple of occasions become really quite slugish and unwillingy to pull hard in 2nd and 3rd gear when Ive been driving through town or been caught in traffic. By dropping a gear or two and getting the revs up, the power has come back immediately and the sluggishness has disappeared. Ive spoken to my dealer about this and theyve said they’ll look at it, but Im wondering weather this is just a characteristic of the car due to the higher state of tune of the k series. Has anyone else experienced this? Any advice?

Under 2500rpm it is a real pig.I find Optimax or SUL helps, as does warming it up. The engine is designed for the top end, not the bottom.Welcome to the club!Ian [image][/image]

The 177 is a pig of a car, get the 190 upgrade, makes it a helluva lot smoother !! but due to the design of the throttle bodies you are never going to get it really smooth at low revs, the butterfly is to far from the inlet valves but is perfect for the higher revs [image][/image]

Yeah, the 190 upgrade is something Im definately going to do. Bit concerned about the new 190 ecu though, read somewhere on this bbs that its �800 ish on its own. Was expecting to pay around �1000 for the upgrade fitted. Any truth in this?

If it’s STANDARD, then make sure they remove the inlet restrictor/resonator, and remove the extraneous air filter.Running on Optimax helps too.

Pretty sure the inlet restrictor/resonator has been removed, not sure about the air filter though. I’ll bring it up with the dealer on Saturday.Cheers for the advice [image][/image]

The 190 upgrade does make all the difference. I believe this 190 kit is now available from Lotus as a single part number. A dealer should be able to supply and kit for less that 1000.

Mr Admin,I’ve just also brought an Exige,but i read with intrest that Optimax is the fuel that seems to be mentiond alot,is there any benifits of using it over other fuel’s.

Most users seem to report Optimax makes for smoother application of revs/power.

Problem solved! the inlet restrictor/resonator had been removed but the secondry air filter hadn’t. Whipped that out and its now running like a dream!, about that 190 upgrade… [image][/image]

I’m looking at the 190 upgrade as well, but have a best quote so far of �1200.Can anyone tell me where I can have it done for �1000?

I’ve been quoted �1200 aswell, seems to be the going rate.