Slight hesitation on hard acceleration

It is very quiet on here at the moment, so hopefully this might get a few posts.
Ever since I bought my car new three years ago when I put my foot down hard on the accelerator it has always hesitated slightly, then rocketed forward no problem. It has never been an issue whilst being driven by gradually pushing the go faster pedal. The car was a 240 and is now a 260 so not an ecu problem could it be one of the injectors or something else.

How long is the delay, could it just be the drive by wire throttle, I’ve heard it suggested that its not as quick to respond as the over cable throttled cars?

It feels as if it bogs down for a brief time before it clears it throat and away it goes, as I said it’s only when you put your foot down hard. Under normal driving it’s no problem and runs smooth, idles fine too.

This sounds to me like the hesitation you used to get on early EFI that used a vane to measure airflow, and used to for want of a better word “hiccup” on hard throttle stabs, sound about right? If it is I would look at the MAF, see if you can swop with a known good one? I had a very similar issue on my Golf R32, and it was fixed by a specialist after VW failed to fix it after numerous visits, and that was the MAF

Hi ade
That sounds as though it could be the cause of the problem, so I will look into the MAF first.

My Exige has always had a similar issue. Change down and floor it - there is an immediate response, the revs start to climb and then there is a moments hesitation (a sort of ‘Oh, all right’ moment) and it then takes off. I wondered if it was anything to do with the second cam profile.

traction control. :question:

Update on this now, I have just replaced the supercharger bypass valve as recommended by Andy Baker who had the same problem as me. Well since I got back from a test drive tonight I can’t wipe the smile from my face, the car has never run as good as this from new I don’t know why this wasn’t spotted when the 260 conversion was done :thumbup: