Simple Question

What is the proper way to check the oil level on an SC Honda converted car ? Every car I have owned has had a slightly different procedure (run engine, let cool then check or dont run engine, check when cold, etc, etc, etc). Whats the recommended way on the honda ? Does an oil cooler complicate things or not ?

Cheers chaps.

Im sure there may be several answers, mine would be check it cold as thats when all oil would be returned to the sump from the head.

Checking it hot I would wait 10 mins to allow it to drain back or risk overfilling.

The cooler would be filled when you first fill it and wont make a difference unless you have a big hole in it !

Awesome, thanks. Thats the same advice I got from another source.


Remember that for converted cars, the dipstick can be found in the drivers seat :smiley:


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PMSL :smiley:

And for non-converted cars, the dipstick will be somewhere along your last journey, along with your coolant :wink:

along with your coolant :wink: [/quote]

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along with your coolant :wink: [/quote]

Cough!!! Pot…Kettle :smiley: [/quote]

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