Thanks chaps, excellent day at Silverstone today.
Well done Rus great result in Matt’s car. 5th place from 9th place on the grid!!
Next time, Rus you have got to nail that new ali/green striped exige.

Tone - nice to meet you at last !!

We were enjoying ourselves in the pit - especially as Russ sandbagged at the start (read missed a gear) and then treated us to a fantastic display of ‘reel them in and pass them whilst Mike holds out the pit board’ !!!

Every other lap he took someone else, and on one lap he took two - right in front of us going into Copse…

A few pics from the day HERE

I’d just like to say a massive thankyou to everyone who helped in some way on Saturday, especially to all my friends and family and to SteveE, Russ, Pesky and James who runs Alistair Mackinnon’s car. Without all your help that you didn’t have to give I wouldn’t have made it into the race at all. - Sorry if I’ve missed anyone out
Just so you know the problems turned out to be a couple of poor/broken electrical connections and a broken starter motor.

Thanks boys I owe you all at the very least a drink… and maybe some cake!

Steven H.


You are very, very welcome - as usual Master Edwards was the star for actually fixing the problem, I was just a goffah, & the less we say about Russ “The Jacket” McQueen, the better However, he did let me have custody of the keys for the Gaylardy…& it would have been rude not to take some prospective customers for a spin

In return, thanks again for the great hospitality extended by your fan club - we look forward to Donington

It was really great to see so many of this bbs’s regulars there too - I’m sure that they also enjoyed the racing as much as I did

…& the less we say about Russ “The Jacket” McQueen, the better

Pesky, that’s a little harsh! Russ has aways struck me as a hands on type of guy - see here

Seems to be effective though, and racing overalls aren’t cheap and get dirty easily!

Glad you had a good day, sorry I couldn’t make it.


Yes, great day out, made more “interesting” by the cock up at the start

Big thanks to everyone who turned up, especially Carlo who sorted the understeer problem with a few tweaks to the front end, and made the car driveable in the race. It has to be said that life is a little easier on the overtaking front when you have 300 brake, a fantastically powerful machine. Nice one Bernard.

Just noticed on mid engine race series site there is 90 pages of info on places, lap times etc for Saturday’s races. Maybe I’m an anorak but I found it interesting.
…and car 23 your transponder is not working!!
Rus, according to lap times you were doing VERY well…


Sorry to be pedantic, but the results are on the Aston Martin Owners Club site Here

We sorted out the transponder after practice

I didn’t realise that Barrie Whight was there, which car was he driving??

Russ - looks like you need a couple of days testing to get the handling sorted on Mat’s car. Let me know if you want a hand. I see no reason why it shouldn’t beat all the other Elises on a track like Silvertsone with 300bhp. How has the setup been altered from a standard motorsport car?

The bright green and yellow car that finished 2nd - the one that is for sale on Pistonheads.


You are right Rob, that must be where I found it.
Too much Dalwhinnie last night - I was struggling enough with where I was let alone what sites I had visited.

Cheers Chris, I am sure Matt will see this post and take you up on your offer, but it is more likely that this driver needs the upgrade! Matt usually sticks it up in the top three…