Silverstone GP (Open Pit lane) - £140!!!

Lotus-on-Track have a few places left for Silverstone on 3rd November at �140. That’s a really good price!

It’s an Easytrack day they’ve got a discount on; it’s �190 on Easytrack’s own site. Even if you have to join LoT it’s still only �170.

It may be late in the year but it’s not often you get to run at 105dB on a GP circuit.

Following yesterday with LoT at Bedford (separate report pending), AndyD, Benja and I have already signed up.


The site can be a bit of a pain.

I’ve found it more straightforward if I turn my Internet Cookie options down to the lowest whilst I use the site and it should keep you logged-in. To get to the shop (for the days), first go to the forum and you’ll see a green shop icon at the top left.

Another tip, sometimes it asks for username, others your e-mail.


I have provisionally booked this already with a couple of mates, Prawn and Gary in their Radical C/S and Simple in his 996TT.

See you there :thumbs: