Silver S1 Wheels?

This crossed my mind recently and then this picture popped up on FB. Looks pretty good.

Thoughts? Crazy or cool…

^ just about perfect!!!

I concur :clap:

Silver? You want white wheels bud. They look hard to keep clean but they’re not honest :smiley:

:mrgreen: NO!

Nice. Right colour too Mr Pesky. Any wider shots?

TBH I find I get a lot of brake dust build up on the black ones. Did you find then painful to look after?

Ben, those must be a nightmare to keep white. :astonished:

I’ve always thought Exige wheels can be any colour as long as they’re black … but I have to admit I actually quite like that :clap:

I’m really surprised how that changes the look of the car really quite considerably. And I like it. :clap: