Silver S1 at Paul Matty

Does anyone here know anything of the Silver S1 currently for sale at Paul Matty? Thinking of buying it so any history woud be most appreciated.

Well 128 viewings of the thread and no comments at all so it now belongs to me and is already sitting in my garage! I hope that doesn’t mean that everyone will start coming forward with the horror stories now! My new car:

2001 Silver S1 Exige
190 Upgrade
Sports Exhaust
Carbon Airbox
Ultra Close Ratio Box
Short Shift
Braided Hoses and Pagid RS14 Pads
15700 Miles

Have only driven it about 100 miles so far, but I am very impressed. Apart from outright grunt, it loses out on nothing to the Noble M12 GTO 3R that I owned previously and cost more than �27K less! What a bargain!

For the record, dealing with Paul Matty Sportcars was an absolute pleasure. Couldn’t recommend them enough!

Please standby for a volley of stupid newbie questions!

FANTASTIC! Post pics!

Glad you’re happy with yours, I hope to be as happy with mine! Only difference is that I’ve still got 5 weeks to wait for mine to arrive on the boat

I’ll be joining you in the stupid newbie questions bit

Welcome! I looked at a couple at Paul Matty’s before buying, privately, as it turned out. I also found them really enthusiastic and easygoing. I hope all goes well.