Silver exige on M4 today about 2.15

Thanks to whoever was driving the silver exige on the M4 today, i was in the Boxster S. Loved the sound and smells.

smells [image][/image]

An assault on all his senses!Ian [image][/image]

Hi DHATwas moi!Good fun blast-sorry I carved you up a bit on the A329! didn’t judge it to well!Hope I didn’t cover your Boxster’s nose with soot and stuff from my exhaust!I presume you’ve got a 3.2 as opposed to a 2.7?Mike

Hello MikeIt was very good fun, dont worry about the 329, i lifted to let you out. Yes i have the 3.2. And i dont mind the soot from your car!CheersDavid

DavidIf you haven’t already done it, you might want to get your car out on the track - best fun ever!Check out or Mike

Yeah i took it for its first outing last week at castle coombe, very wet day but good funDavid