Side air intakes, anyone used mesh?

I would like to junk the cornflake boxes on the side air intakes and use mesh instead. I remember Holly Mason’s red Exige had this done on it, and was photographed and posted here at a race track (donn.?) well over a year ago. I couldn’t find it by “search”. Anyone got any photos / links to this car or similar? thanks

I was not convinced by the removal of the side pods abit too Elise for my liking
Bit if I remember correctly it was Plans who did the work - might be worth contacting them.

ok thanks, will try plans, just really want to see some photos to see if it looks ok. I remember the red exige well, it was an early S2 and had a slightly larger wing and was about the first car I had seen to have front splitter body coloured. Had been done tastefully as I remember.

Simon, im sure somewhere ive got the photos your taliking about, i will try and find them for you.

simon, the only ones i have are a rear 3/4 veiw and close up of the wing but not the air intake, sorry.

HERE ya go

Let us know how you get on if you choose to do this mod. I quite fancy it myself. I’d be tempted if the price was right.

Yes We can do the side duct conversion - as well as the Motorsport carbon rear wing and pylons - which we have in stock.

This wing comes in two styles - Track (using the existing mounting points albeit with much stronger pylons) or Race - with the pylons going through the rear clam to the chassis.


are there details on your website - i always find it difficult to navigate around it? Was looking to see what details you had on cooling mods for an S1 Exige - but found nothing

That’s because the website isn’t “everything we do” it is more of a sales brochure; with some (but very few) examples.

We don’t try to compete with the on-line stores such as Elsieparts, Hangar 111 etc.

That’s because our core business is based much more on personal relationships with race and serious track day customers, nit sticking brake pads in the post (allthough we do of course stick brake pads in the post)

Should we have an on-line shop?

Cooling mods for S1 Exige? Cabin, intake, oil or water?

I think you should stay away from an online store but maybe show a few more of your talents, services & parts on your website

OK, that’s the one! thanks Gav and Brendan for your help.
Apparently that car was modded by Dean Lanzante. It is a nice job, he appears to have changed all the mesh (grill / bonnet and the side vents). Graham, will get in touch if I don’t do it myself. cheers all.

You’re right, it’s a nice job. He even did the roof scoop.