Shrek’s Replacement - NOT

A proper replacement for Shrek I hope will follow, but have got something sensible to carry grandson’s about in and take stuff to the tip.

I never had you down as a ‘Kiss FM’ listener :open_mouth:

That’s a very nice way to get to the tip bud! I think the black/red scheme works really well on it too.

Do like those. Top choice.
Presumably with the optional sub in the boot for Kiss listeners?

Congrats, Steve. Looks very nice indeed.

Got it tunes to Radio 4 now Benja :slight_smile:

GTS… for added coolness! :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

Very nice, not a bad wagon for dump runs!!!

Phew,…order is restored :smiley:

Could do with a few more buttons on the centre console I think :laughing:

Very nice though

Can’t have too many buttons.

Only 2 important ones are ‘Sport Plus’ + ‘Exhaust Noise’ :slight_smile:

I like that. Bold choice on the colour but it works really well :sunglasses:

Yeah, very nice, Love those.

Lovely !