Should I buy one?

Currently drive an S2000 - 0-60mph in 5.5 seconds; roof up or down in 5.5 seconds.I need to know REALLY, how livable is the Elise as an everyday car?In Australia, you enjoy sunshine while you’re driving but have to put the roof up when parked or plastics start to melt, metal gets hot enough to fry eggs etc!How livable is the Elise roof

To be quite honest with you - it is the worst part of the car. If you have the roof off, all the bits to hand and you are in a rush - you might be able to put it on in a minute or so. The reality of it it that the roof cross bars are stuck behind the seats, the cant rails are in the boot and the roof is rolled up maybe even in the roof bag. Plus, if you don’t want to take chucks of the body work out whilst you are putting the roof on, you will take a little more time.The net result is that the job takes 3 or 4 minutes. The only reason its not too much of a problem in the UK is the fact that 90% of the time, the roof is on and stays on! If I was in Australia - I would leave the roof off all the time, then buy a ‘shower cap’ for it when I leave it outside.Don’t let me put you off the car - it is fantastic fun, same 0-60 as the S2000 (near enough) and I would’t change it for the world at the moment… But you do have to live with the roof! [image][/image]Steve

have heard about the shower cap - about GBP 120 (or 340 Aussie Pesos).So it goes on w/o the original roof on? how quick is it to put on or off? waterproof? (important points in a country where a 5 minute torrential downpour can come out of nowhere)!I thought you put this “shower cap” over the roof to make the thing watertight?

i had a shower cap for my elise , its goes on either over ( which i never tried ) or without the roof , fits in about a minute or so and is shower proof and stops the sun getting in or prying hands gettting in , i got a silver one , more reflective … you could always get an exige then you dont have to worry about the roof …

Exige is AUD 150k!Pricing of Lotus in Australia is stupid!Elise S2 = AUD 95k (GBP 35k)S2000 = AUD 75k (GBP 27k)In the UK, isn’t the S2000 is more expensive!ps: will definitely have a closer look at the Showercap for the Elise

Buy one! I’m in Australia. Simply have the roof on or off in the morning and pretty much keep it that way. I leave it on the side of the road when shopping or at the beach or whatever and never put the roof on. Just don’tleave anything visible to steal and hide the stereo front panel. Nothing will melt! Remember though it’s a completely different car to the S2000.

Anton,Elise is your everyday car? I do about 20,000 km a year currently.Looks like I will get on. About AUD 85k for a second hand S2.

Yes it’s my every day car do about 7,000km per year but that is going up.Are you in Melbourne or Sydney? I’m guessing Melbourne as I think Cavalli have a few second hand ones for sale.

Actually Sydney based. with a lot of business time in Melbourne…saw the Cavalli ads on the web and look promising.Also, don’t like dealing with shady Rick D. in Sydney.It’s a tough decision. Alternative is a Clubman and an S3.

I live in Sydney too and got my S1 from Cavalli’s in Melbourne. Really good guys. I know a couple of guys who got their Exiges through Rick D’s and have similar opinions to you.The only thing I wish I had is air con. If I get a S2 it will definately have it.Let me know what you decide.