Should I be worried ??

Ok…so I thought I’d be a nice kind owner to my S1 exige and treat it to an oil change with some nice new Silkolene.

Oil change went fine and car is running well…but then I came to empty out the old oil into a container ready for disposal and came across this (which I’m pretty sure has come out of the engine !

It’s almost like a thickish tinfoil… any ideas ?

Do I need to start saving for a Honda?


You undid the oil filter with the same collector you used for the sump oil under it didnt you ?

That looks like foil off some high temperature hose sleeve -
Check your oil cooler pipes from the oil filter housing to be sure

But good excuse for a Honda either way

Andy… thanks mate…I think you could be right !

The hose with that foil on does look a bit worse for wear, so it’s quite possible it’s come off that.

I thought it was a bit flimsy to be any part of the internals, but it was a bit worrying!


Bloody hell Dave had me worrying when i saw that bit of metal and i dont even own the car anymore. I think Andy is right i remember stuff like that somewhere under the lid where the oily bit are. How many mile you done now mate as oil was changed 100 miles before you bought it.

Yea…I know Steve…done a couple of trackdays and it was using a bit of oil (as they do) so thought I’d be kind and give her another fresh batch…

Running really well though matey - slight problem with the vaccum pipe but thats sorted now - I’ve done a few bits to the car and it’s superb fun !!

Did you get another car in the end ?

Hi Dave, glad all going well mate. No new toy yet but there is a space in the garage needing filled so will only be matter of time just with hols and work not had much time to sort. Steve

that looks like the seal used on some 5L oil containers

somebody pierced the tin foil and poured oil in and the tin foil went with it

/just a thought

that must be a piece of the heat shield around the throttle cable.
Nothing to worry about.