Short shifter

I wondered if anyone out there had gone ahead and got a short shifter fitted to their gearbox?I’ve heard there are two versions - 23% and 33% - although the 33% conversion can mean the wrong gear is sometimes selected.Overall, so I’ve been informed, it makes the 'box a bit quicker and more positive through the ratios.Mike

Mike,I’ve just had a short shifter fitted, it’s worth the money IMHO, it make the gear changes crisper. It takes a bit of getting used to at first as it is stiffer than standard.There are two settings 23% & 33% I’ve got mine set at 23% and feels just right and no missing of gears. Just do it!Nick

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Thanks very much, ChapsBooking into SGT in Taplow ASAP

ok folks, convinced, Pit Lane has got some more work to do…later,Bruno

I had mine fitted a few hundred miles ago and wondered if I should have gone for the 33% instead as there didn’t seem to be any probs at 23%. But it now feels a bit stiffer and I think just about right.It’s much more suited to the car than the standard item, more racey, less Rover. Worth it, no regrets.

Are we talkng about the B&M shifter? I thought it was infinitely variable on a sliding shaft and grub screw…

No, the B&M shifter is not infinitely variable. There are a number of indentations for the grub screw to bite into. And there few grooves for circlips to prevent the stick slipping up and down. You could try other positions if you wanted to modify the stick, but there’s really no point.