Shopping Trolley for Sale

My g/f has moved in and three cars won’t fit on the drive so it is with much regret that I offer for sale her 10year old N Reg 1.0 Gunmetal Fiat Punto with 57k miles. She is not a total hamfist like me so it has been driven carefully and had another lady owner before her. Probably about �900 seems fair. I would take a picture but it is raining and I am sure you know what a Fiat Punto looks like ffs

Now I am sure demand will be high so first come first served Would make an ideal first car or as a daily driver if you want to absolutely ensure a vast performance differential so the Exige feels like a rocketship.

When you said ‘shopping trolley’, I thought it WAS your g/f you were selling!

So if youre selling her car surely youre not letting her loose in the Exige???

No problems, eh Benj - after all she has watched Walshy’s DVD, hasn’t she ?

Thankfully she has no interest in driving the Exige and I (ahem sorry,…we ) have a LupoGTi as well - which she does drive. Now that she has been driving the Lupo for a while even she thinks the Punto is gutless and wants rid of it…

I don’t think a career in sales awaits me,…not exactly doing a good job of bigging-up the Fiat