SHOP is open


The shop located at is now open.

Every first item that we sell we actually lose money on ( lll be funding that :frowning: ) but after that we are making small amounts.

Once the deficit is reduced Ill reclaim my costs and let the amount build.

Ill add to stock as and when.

Hope this is all ok for you?! I have just ordered a tee shirt and found the process ok. Hope you do as well!

Order away please! Let me know how you get on.

I cant see these selling!


Placing an order now :thumbup:

ETA: Not leggings

Sports bra?

Saw the order come thru. We lost €6.xx on your order because of setup costs BUT when the next person(s) order we should make a few quid

I Always like to help lose a club lose money , glad I could do my part!

Its my money , not even the clubs!

Even better :smiley:

Brilliant Andy :thumbup:

Just before I order are the hoody and polo available in black? Hopefully after that I’ll go nuts and buy a mug and cap as well :smiley:

Er, I can make it available if not

I can’t find an option for another colour. Oh and it has a pop up at the bottom of the page saying its a demo store and orders will not be fulfilled. That’s just not fair, I want my hoody and I want it NOWWWWW :astonished:

Sorted the latter , doing the former.

Former sorted.

Black :
White :

Tried to buy a baseball hat and a mug, is the delivery cost right?

Snapback Hat × 1
Mug - 15oz × 1
Standard (3-5 business days after fulfillment): £34.51

Lemmie double check that - I did note the baseball hats were insane on the postage.

Double checked, I had the order fulfilled in the US. Hence the daft shipping. I cant get all the colours I had before but much, much cheaper

If there are other items you might want or designs let me know. Ill see what I can sort. There is a one off cost of around €5,80 per item to setup. I am covering that at the mo so if we dont sell any more than 1 its probably not worth doing. Remember that when you want a salmon coloured pair of socks …

Was going to order a cap but the shipping still seems too steep. Nearly £25 to deliver a £20 cap. Will order when sorted. Cheers.

All good. Charged me 50p more but all good. Thanks Andy.

Saw it go thru.

Cost me £3.38 :slight_smile:

HOWEVER , when someone else buys one it will be a slight profit I think.

Ill keep the money in the paypal and pay it to a charity once its a significant amount.

I must reiterated despite my time taken in doing this I will not be taking any money from it other than my outlay for the initial products such as the digitisation costs that we inherit on the first sale of every product

Andy given any profit goes to charity I think most of us would be happy to pay a little more. (It was just the shipping that seemed nuts).
Perhaps you should raise the price a little so you aren’t out of pocket?

If I raised the price I think we run the risk of not selling anything. Its literally the first time anything is ordered it costs around £5 as a setup cost. We dont make that much per item so it will take 2 to break even.

When we sell 3 Ill take out my costings and then its clear profit.

That ok?

Sounds ok to me, going to buy a few bits, just getting my act together, love a bit of charity