Just a question regarding suspension for the S1 Exige, which arose when bouncing along at high speed on a piece of road that never used to be that bumpy! Might my shocks have seen the last of their better days? I am thinking about upgrading the shocks to nitrons but have no clue as to which ones, price or if springs have to be changed( I have the mechanical knowledge of a haddock unfortunately). Mainly for fast road use and the occasional track. Or are there other alternatives, spax?

Mine went all bouncy just like yours and I went for Nitrons with 400/500lb springs. Massive improvement, I can definately recomend.

Speak to Guy at Ntron -

If it’s just for road use you may not want springs as stiff as Randy.

I understand 325/400 is the std offering, or even 300/350 if it really is only road use.

As soon as I can free up a weekend I’m gonna do the same (and a few other bits).


Isn’t the “bounce” where your dampers are dead (prolly pi$$ed their oil everywhere ) and so you’re just riding on the springs…?


from what i’ve read around the patch… if you can afford them, then give Guy a call at Nitron.

He’ll prolly recommend 325/400 single adjustment - they spent a long time getting the valving right for elise/exige on these and unless you kinda know what you are doing anything else will be a PITA… but give Guy a call or email him…

I,ve just fitted Nitrons with 325/400 springs to my S1 with damping oh 6 clicks front and 8 clicks back.Theyre spot on.