Hey up men.

I think it’s safe to say at forty odd thou miles my standard setup will be shall we say F*cked?

Car seems to be rolling at bit more than it should and the splitter is starting to catch more on the yumpy bits of road.

Also seems to be fighting for grip uphill on bumpy bits etc…

I dont have a specific budget so any advice what I should do (apart from have a big budget)?

Replace with ohlins (thought I would save you typing Sean )


Have the Existing rebuilt? If this is possible???

I do mostly road miles and will probably do some track stuff next summer bit not loads

Whaddya reckon???



You don’t need to go throughthe extra expense of Ohlins (either the top ones like Sean or the basic ones).

Don’t think the LSS can be rebuilt, would be surprised if they could.

But you need stiffer springs, and for that you need the valving to go with it.
Nitrons one way would be the way to go.

Speak to Guy for the choice of springs.




I’m not the best to ask here as I only have experiance of the standard shocks and my Ohlins. Obviously the Ohlins are off the charts, the car goes, stops and handles sooooo much better with them on.

I agree with Uldis I think and say go for cheap Nitrons with uprated springs and the damping to suit.

On the other hand, get you hand in your pocket you tight northern git and get yourself the daddies!!!

Seriously though, you should go for a ride in cars that have all of the different options fitted, then you wil know for sure that you are making the right choice for you.


aren’t racing dynamic suspension better than ohlins

just kidding

Yeah Racing Dynamics are very very good quality dampers. A lot of the Ford boys in the Saloon car championship use those to very good effect. I guess once you get to a certain level they are all much of a muchness.

Cheers Men

I think anything would be better than what i have now.

I just had some new Gaz adjustable shockers and standard spings on the front on the Elan Sprint and It has TOTALLY transformed the handling - it really is superb compared to the previous shot to bits Spax.

Sean - I would get some mate but my arms are too short to reach the bottom of my pockets!!!

I had better price the options and go from there - I’m not good enough to maximise the capabilities of the Ohlins but I would get em just for pose value… now wheres that Ferarri brochure…