Shelsley TT Thingy

When we went down to Llandow some guys were testing the Shelsley TT and there is a write-up on pistonheads,…us Exige boys even get a mention,…I quote

“I eased my way round some very tight corners almost as fast as I could move the steering wheel, when back on the straight again I let a couple of Exiges pass (more so I could have someone to follow to keep the line!)”

Just hope that he was not following my line ,…or the one straight throught the bus-stop (no names)

Rest of the article is here.

Jesus! That thing is UGLY.

Nice wheels though

Jesus! That thing is UGLY.

Rich coming from a man with an avatar like that!

It was not that ugly really… I kinda liked it…

Nor was it that fast, since I eased up behind it over a couple of laps until it was forced to let me by, and then I drove away from it - it wasn’t following me for long - sure it was a bit faster down the straight, but by the time it got around the corner I was miles away

I kinda doubt the speed claims, I’m afraid, though it was pretty fast… They were getting a lot of wheelspin, so maybe the wheels were doing 140 and the car was doing 100 ??

When they get the suspension sorted it will be better, but when I looked it had a huge amount of rubber missing from the front tyres where the wheel arch had rubbed - they were deciding to fit stiffer springs to compensate

All in all though, probably a hoot to drive!!!

But I’d rather have my Exige, if it’s all the same

With that engine, of course, which is what I am doing !!!

You can see a brochure here

About 10K plus an engine - the one on the day was running a 1.8T Audi

Fcuk that thing is ugly!
Good engine though.
Did you see it had Exige wheels? and shitty tyres?

and shitty tyres?

Remoulds then?

Only kidding, Amigo

“Massive rear grip allows for safe and precise handling”

Is that another way of saying understeers like a pig, as well as looking like one?

(Only kidding Shelsey Guys - I still think that in the glassfibre it looked OK !!)

Remoulds then?

No, I mean really bad, like in people carrier tyres!

And Mike, I quite like the idea of the TT engine swap.
Any idea how much weight does it add?

About 40 kgs…

But that included the larger wheels on Bernards car, so maybe a bit less…

It really flies - makes mine seem slow !!

Erm… yours IS slow.

Not with Andrew Walsh driving it